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As You May know, I have Two Ultimate Biases Now. Ravi and Yongguk. I want to have a Name that Shows Love for Both of my Biases.
I Love both of my Biases Equally so I want a Username that shows Love for both of them. I'm Not changing it Right away because I'm still trying to think of a good name. I've got a couple of names rolling around in my head, but if you guys have any suggestions you can let me know in the comments. I'm not trying to bug you guys I'm just giving you a Heads up.

I'm Posting this in All of My collections to Let all my Followers know.

I nominate BangRavi XD
maybe you can do YongRavi....GukRavi.....maybe not that one hmmm YongRavioli
@LocoForJiyong ha YongRavioli I like it
I'm not good at coming up with names but @LocoForJiyong is good at combining her two UB maybe she can help
@AimeeH I sure will. I will make Another card about it when it's Officially Changed.
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