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A Name Change is Coming soon.
As You May know, I have Two Ultimate Biases Now. Ravi and Yongguk. I want to have a Name that Shows Love for Both of my Biases.
I Love both of my Biases Equally so I want a Username that shows Love for both of them. I'm Not changing it Right away because I'm still trying to think of a good name. I've got a couple of names rolling around in my head, but if you guys have any suggestions you can let me know in the comments. I'm not trying to bug you guys I'm just giving you a Heads up.

I'm Posting this in All of My collections to Let all my Followers know.

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Thanks for letting us know!!
a year ago·Reply
YongRavioli ^^^ sounds good and question how do u change ur name like ewe
a year ago·Reply
@mrsjeon I think you can only change it on the computer. You go on edit profile, then click on your username to change it
a year ago·Reply
Oh I see ohoh thank you!!!!
a year ago·Reply
@mrsjeon No problem.
a year ago·Reply