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Radiohead has released the first single of their upcoming (and long awaited) 9th album. This release has come after several days of teasing : They have orchestrated their "disappearance" from the internet and then posted two enigmatic teaser clips. This new song is called Burn The Witch and if it's any indication, the future album (which doesn't have a title or a release date yet) will be very different from their previous one, The King of Limbs. As usual with Radiohead, they have been able to create a great (and rather oppressive) atmosphere on this song. The string arrangement plays a dominant role. I hope the string section will be featured on the rest of the record as well. This song is (my guess) about conformism and the danger of groupthinking. Classic Radiohead theme.
I didn't know what to expect, but now, I'm really looking forward to this album!