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If you're relying on a lipstick alone to get the job done, then you're doing it all wrong!
Besides the exfoliating and moisturizing of your lips, you need to lay down the basics to a long-wearing lip color. And that, my friends, is lip liner.
Gerard Cosmetics just debuted four basic colors for their creamy lip liner line:
* Cher
* Immortal
* Nude
* Peachy Keen
While I have not had a chance to review this product, (it literally just became available yesterday!), it's touted as being super pigmented and very creamy. You won't need to go double or triple coverage on this and you won't have to worry about razor sharp points digging into your lips.
Are you ladies priming your lips with a pencil?!
Ooohh nice
I def might need to invest!
wow, I don't primer my lips before but with this tips, I will definitely try
love pencils and crayons! tried something new today though that may lead to the purchase of a gloss though. the first one in 15 years
I SHOULD INVEST IN ONE. most of the time its now liquid lipstick . i bought some from mac and was so mad about how rough they felt.
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