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It's obvious why Yo Gotti is in love with Angela Simmons, she is gorgeous. If there was every a woman in the industry who carried herself with so much style and grace it would be Angela. In the image seen above, her outfit is simple, effortless and chic. Something you would throw on for brunch or a night out on the town with your fave(s).
The sweater and heels bring a sexy feminine touch, while the ripped denim brings a little bit of a rugged look. Once you bring it all together, you get a great fit that works great for either day or night. Keep scrolling to check out how you can recreate the look seen above in the image seen below.

Pretty simple and cute, right?

Would you rock this look?
Hell yeah I would rock that look. I just gotta learn how to walk in heels...
I would literally rock this look. Throw stones at it, that is. haha
lol that makes two of us! I love it though @alywoah