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Part: 4/??? word count: 1,081 (yeah I know, it's short) Genre: fanfiction kpop bts romance
Why do you always have to stutter Hatai!? I scold myself, while staring into Jungkook's eyes for answers. I thought I was meeting up with Jimin? Guess not. I shrugged before getting up and bowing slightly, "Hello Jungkook-ssi! What brings you here?" I ask, looking up at his towering figure. Wow, he sure is tall. Goals. I hold in my laugh at my own comment, waiting for his answer. Scratching the back of his neck, he looks away sheepishly, obviously nervous. "Jimin hyung sent me here, wanting me to tell you that he's sorry he couldn't come over. He had to go do some plans. He also wanted me to hang out with you, so we didn't waste your time." Jungkook dropped his hand and took a seat across from where I was sitting. I nodded, understanding the whole situation now. What plans does he have? Oh well. It's none of my business. I sat down in my original seat, smiling at the boy I've liked for so many years. I put both my hands around my coffee cup. "Jungkook-ssi..." I trailed off, looking at his beautiful face. Good god. Hatai get it together. You barely even know each other. I shook my head before being able to continue with what I was saying only to get cut off by him. "How old are you Hatai?" He raised his eyebrow. I was taken aback by what he asked. I looked down, nervously smiling. "I'm 19 years old." I looked away, blood rushing up to my cheeks. I probably look like a tomato. "Wow. You're young. Are you going to school here? Or are you on break?" I know I'm young. I nodded my head at his statement, but abruptly shook it. "I already graduated school. Last year, actually." I took a sip of my coffee, getting a bitter taste that I'm not yet used to. I scrunched up my face earning a laugh from Jungkook. You try this coffee and see how funny it is then. I gestured my coffee towards him, signalling him I wanted him to try it. He took a sip, and swallowed it down with ease. He gave a funny face before drinking more. "Hey! Don't drink- you know what, just have the rest. I don't even like it anyways." "Thanks. I meant are you going to university?" He continued to drink it while we told each other about ourselves. "I was, back in America, but I'm taking a break." He nodded his head in understanding. I also told him about all my friends saying I'm the Golden Maknae. "I am too!" I know you are, ya dummy. I chuckled, never wanting our conversation to end. He continued, "How about we make a bet?" He wiggled his eyebrows, while I mirror imaged him, earning a laugh from both of us. "What's the bet?" This better be good. I leaned forward, intrigued by this unknown bet. "We will see who the true Golden Maknae is." I'll totally win this. "Whoever loses has to do whatever the winner chooses. And whoever wins, gets bragging rights and a free dinner. Deal?" He stuck his hand out for me to shake. Deal, I thought. I put my finger on my chin, tapping, making it seem like I was thinking whether to take the bet or not. "Are you afraid I'll beat you?" Oh hell no. I laughed darkly before narrowing my eyes at him, shaking his hand. In your dreams pretty boy. "You've got yourself a deal Jungkook-ssi." We let go of each other hands, making me miss the little contact we had. "Just call Jungkook. We're friends here." He smiled genuinely, revealing his cute bunny teeth. Aw how cute! I flailed my hands in the air, but stopped, realizing my actions and covered my face in embarrassment. "What was that!?" Jungkook laughed. Glad you enjoyed the show. I giggled before wiping a few tears. "I do that whenever I see something really cute or something that I like." I muttered, but making my voice loud enough for him to hear. Blood rushing up to my cheeks, I grabbed the cup of coffee that used to be mine and took a couple gulps, nervousness rushing through my body. Suddenly I heard chuckling. "That is so cute! I should make you do that more often!" He almost fell off his chair from laughing so hard. God his laugh is so beautiful. Snap out of it Hatai! I shook my head, laughing along with him. By this time we got stares from other customers and the employees. We bowed and apologized, our actions synchronized. "You have really beautiful eyes. Are they natural?" Jungkook suddenly said. He just complimented you idiot! Say something! I must have looked completely lost because my eyes were wide open and my lips were formed into a straight line before smiling. "Thank you! And yeah, they are natural, although I've always wanted brown eyes." I mumbled the last part, hoping he didn't hear it, but to my disappointment he did. "Why? Blue eyes are more beautiful than brown. Having brown eyes is such a bore." He pointed at both of our eyes, indicating that mine are more beautiful than his. Trust me, your eyes are way more beautiful than mine. "I grew up in a family where everybody had brown eyes except me and few other siblings. My family always envied mine while I envied theirs. So having blue eyes made me feel left out. That's why I wish I had brown eyes. Besides, brown eyes go with any outfit." He nodded before we both laughed at my last statement. "Well I think you look beautiful either way." Two in a row!? By this time I was blushing so bad I looked like Mario's hat. How embarrassing. "Thank you, again." I said bowing and running my fingers through my hair. A habit I have yet to break. He chuckled before another voice suddenly joined us. Jungkook looked behind me, his eyes widened. I scrunched up my eyebrows, confusion obviously written all over my face. "Sorry to keep you waiting Hatai! But I guess somebody already beat me to you." Why does that voice sound so familiar? Keep me waiting? Who is this? I turned my head and to my surprise stood the man I was originally supposed to meet up with today. "Park Jimin? What are you doing here?" I better get an explanation for this.
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I thought jimin sent kookie to cover for him o_O was he lying? 😲😲 and if he was how did he know that the place and time jimin and her going to meet I'm just loving this this is so good I can't wait for the next chapter πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’“β€πŸ’œπŸ’›