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I'm here to tell all my nakama who my top 3 most favorite characters from One Piece are. 馃榿馃槉
First off, we have Bartolomeo. When I first met him, hated him.. Then an episode later, I LOVED him!!! Seeing his barrier devil fruit was awesome! Plus, he's a total Straw Hat fan boy. Need I say more?
Next up, we have Cavendish (aka Cabbage to Luffy). He's uptight and thinks he's better than everyone else but then later shows his support to Nico Robin, Bartolomeo, and the rest of Dressrosa. Plus, I REALLY wanna learn more about Cabbage and his alter ego Hakuba. (:
Third here we have Mr 2 Bon Clay who is my literal most favorite character in One Piece, hands down. He has an incredible devil fruit with the ability to transform himself into anyone's face that he has touched. He is nothing but loyal to Luffy.. He sacrifices himself repeatedly for Luffy in Impel Down. Bon Clay literally has more respect from me than any living person does. 鉂わ笍 Tell me some of your faves in the comments below Nakama! 馃槉
Thank you!!! (: @MoisEsGaray
I agree with your list these characters are amazing hahah like they all surprised me at the end all three of them lol like the cabbage guy lol I was like he's pretty cool lol I was like kinda yes and kinda no x). BUT then they showed us he's other side! then I was like HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HE'S BAD ASS I'm in with this guy!
@UzumakiJess I can relate, I was so pissed and sad when he was killed!
I adore him! @OGv6FATE
Glad to see someone give Bon Clay some respect.
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