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I have been a BTS fan since January 2014 but Taehyung was always my bias. I love their music but was hard core I know all their names maybe not all their songs or seen some of their show but I have watched them on variety show before and they always made me laugh. But since Fire MV my eyes have found Yoongi. Please don't hate hahah he is my bias wrecker for sure. He is so cute but then his voice and omg he can be sexy too.
He be like oh that's a nice bias list you have there well I'm going to talk and smile now so say bye to all of your biases. Like damn it can you not ruin my life anymore hahah there are just too many Kpop groups and there are too many for me to like please no more I beg you 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶. But Yoongi be hell fine though. Oh and ps I call him Suga Daddy hahah I know I'm weird 馃樄馃檲馃檴
@SugaMint I know right they are all too perfect and dorks at the same time. I can't even with them half the time 馃樄
Haven't read the whole thing yet but.......Yes, HE IS ONE BIAS WRECKER...he's now my CURRENT bias cuz we all know.....nobody can only have one bias in BTS and that's it
he's been my bias wrecker since day 1!
@LeannePratt XD I can't even with any of them all the time XD
@Bangtandoll I love all the members but Suga is killing me
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