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I'm so excited about this weeks promt, I am the one who suggested it. I love anime hair and I've noticed that I started liking characters that have certain hair colors. I don't only like them for their hair but I just noticed the hair always catches my attention first especially light blue hair. My favorite color in general is green but when it comes to anime hair I really like light blue. So here are some husbandos with light blue hair (btw some of them could be argued that it's a different color but it was close enough for me so I put them on here)

Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko no Basket He's so cute I love him so much! I started fangirling over him before I watched the show. I had seen some fanart of him and clips from the anime then I instantly fell in love. After watching the anime I loved him more. Even though he's small and weak he is still very skilled and can really surprise you. Another thing I really like about him is he's one of those few characters that I can ship with almost everyone but my favorite paring is Kuroko x Kagami. But he can be shipped with so many characters, I guess he's just so shipable.

Aoba Seragaki

Dramatical Murder He is another one of those shipable characters that I love. I mean cause everyone wants that Aobooty. But when I think of some of the game endings it kind of makes me feel bad for poor little Aoba.

Ai Mikaze

Uta no Prince Sama Just look at those sexy dance moves! I love his cuteness, his voice, and his dance moves. I also like the fact that he's a quiet character that doesn't say much.


Amnesia Those eyes! I really love his beautiful eyes, no wonder it makes the girls fall for him. Since his eyes draw all the ladies in he is always surrounded by girls. It's like he's famous or something. He uses sunglasses to try to hide them but they don't always work.

Nagisa Shiota

Assassination Classroom My favorite character on this card! I really like Nagisa, he's my favorite trap character. When it comes to his appearance my favorite is his hair. But after watching a certain ep in season 2 I kind of felt bad about his hair and how he looks like a girl. Another this I like about him is the fact that he's a bada** even though he seems small and weak.
@JessicaFerrier I used to support them both but after these past few episodes I've been all Nagisa x Kayano lol
@JessicaFerrier definitely. When nagisa threatened those two other kids thst kept picking on him is when he showed his badass status
@JessicaFerrier Oh you don't have to lol Light blue is cute so it's all good
Yaaaaaaaaaaaa! Only light blue hair? No dark blue or blue blue? QnQ
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