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So this week's task is to pick Waifus of one hair color, this one was an easy choice for me.

The ultimate waifu--- Megurine Luka

She's tall, beautiful, talented and stacked. What more could you ask for?

The Yandere Queen --- Gasai Yuno

Kawaii af, agressive and will kill to keep you from harm or another girl. The biggest problem with her is that it's hard to tell exactly how old she is with the numerous resets she did to keep you alive to replace Deus.

The Devilluke Sisters --- Lala, Momo, Nana

Probably the cutest alien sisters to ever invade earth. Lala, the genius airhead; Nana, the reserved one & Momo, the pervert who will organize a harem, just so she can be with the one she loves.
The Hottest Neko --- Neko She starts off as a cute pink kitten that attaches itself to a college student and becomes a smoking hot female, with neko traits.

The Tsundere Assassin --- Mine

People kinda hated on her in forums while the show was airing, I thought it made her cuter. I also have a soft spot for Tsunderes.

The Super Cute Vampire --- Moka

What is there really to say about her that hasn't been said many times before...

The Uber Kawaii Loli --- Yachiru

She's so cute you just wanna cuddle & pet her head for hours on end. Plus she's Kenpachi's Lt, so you know she's a badass.
And Finally --- Zero She tries hard but just ends up being cute.
I hated how they animated to love Ru in the second season. I did not need the visual of breasts. it was good up until then though..
don't know... just liked it
who's the girl in the very first pic
K Project & K Return of Kings
what show is the neko from