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Genre: Angst
Part: Oneshot (requested)
Summary: All of you could think of was Taehyung and that woman and even though he won’t admit it, you know that’s all he thinks of too.
The way he’d shyly look at you through his lashes before that provocative tongue slipped between his lips to moisten them always had you curling in on yourself, flustered beyond belief. Taehyung knew exactly what he did to you with his innocent looks and that sinful tongue.
He loved it.
The only thing that kept you from scrambling away from him to douse yourself in frigid water was his hands; warm and large, his hands would settle on your sides, lightly squeezing as he slowly slid them down to your hips. He’d grip until he felt the comfort of firm bone beneath soft flesh and let out a breathy sigh, jaw hanging loose. By then you were frantic, both pushing and pulling on him. In those moments you were never sure if you wanted to him stop or keep going. He was always patient though, sedately watching your under heavy eyelids as you squirmed beneath him. And every time there was the same question whispered by him with a smirk,
“Want me to stop, Jagi?”
And every time you’d say the same thing,
“Please, no.”
You blinked, eyes focusing back on the man in front of you. He was engrossed in his phone, one arm draped around your shoulder as you leaned into his side. Today was one of Taehyung’s days off, and for whatever reason, he wanted to spend it relaxing. You didn’t mind, the silence gave you time to think. However, your brain seemed to focus on the one thing you wanted to forget.
Releasing a short breath, one that Taehyung paid no mind to, you wondered why you were torturing yourself. He had chosen you.
You should feel like winner.
But then again, he was with you to begin with when he decided to stray. That fact that he wavered just to straighten back up confused you. The only reason he ended his affair with Hyasul was because not only had you found out, but Jimin and a random hair stylist had too. The thought of having to find out your boyfriend was cheating from one his hairstylists was embarrassing in itself. Were you really that clueless?
You remember not quite paying attention when he was trying to tell you; you were to busy reliving the steamy morning you and Taehyung had shared. It only when he went silent that you realized that he had been speaking in the first place. You had looked away uncomfortably, a bit confused as to why you had spaced out to think of such a thing the moment he started to speak to you. “Wait,” you chuckled, playfully slapping his bare arm. “You’re saying Taehyung is cheating on me?” The thought was absurd to you. Taehyung was….
Well, he was Taehyung.
The sweetest man alive. He wouldn’t do something like that. The man, a hairstylist for Bangtan touched where you had hit him. “I’m serious though.” He had softly protested,”I was in the supply room getting some stuff and then he and some half naked girl barged in.” His ring clad fingers motioned to the supply closet in down the hall,”I think they’re still in there too.”
Despite the fact that you trusted Taehyung completely, the seed of doubt had been planted and watered and you had found yourself rooted to your spot in the hall. Your eyes were locked on the doorknob, waiting it for it to start to turn. The hairstylist glanced between you and the door,”W-wait!” He stammered,”I don’t want you to actually see them!”
You had angrily turned to him,”Obviously you did if you told me about it.” You remembered pointing down the hall to the door,”So we’re going to wait here and see if he and a girl actually come out of that closet.” The two of you looked a bit odd, randomly standing in the hall. Other stylists had passed by, sending you both odd looks but not commenting. Eventually, Jimin had passed by, but when he saw the stone cold expression on your face, his original plans of greeting you with a hug faded and he silently passed by.
He had walked right by you, heading in the direction of the supply closet. As he was drawing closer, the door swung open, almost hitting him square in the face. You flinched, reaching out for him even though you were nowhere near him,”Jimin? Are you okay?”
Grateful for his reflexes, Jimin had easily caught the door and saved his face. He peeked around it to see who had tried to knock his teeth out and froze. You and the hairstylist had slowly starting walking closer when you heard his gruff voice. “Jiminie?”
Jimin’s eyes had shifted from Taehyung to the girl then to his jacket draped over her bare shoulder before craning his neck back to look at you. Focusing back on Taehyung and the girl he had blinked several times,”Taehyung…who..what were you doing with her in there?” Subtly, Jimin had held his hand up behind the door for you, motioning for you to stop. His attention was still on his friend, blocked from you by the door. “Who is she, Tae?”
You felt you fingers digging to the skin of your palms as Taehyung’s deep voice replied,”She’s…This is Hyasul.” He mumbled something incoherently before clearly enunciating,”We’ve been seeing each other.”
“Behind Y/N’s back?”
Taehyung seemed caught off guard by the question and squirmed in his spot,”Well…yeah.” His voice grew softer,”Please don’t tell her…I’ll stop seeing Hyasul.” Deeper in the closet, Hyasul had started to protest, but Taehyung cut her off,”You’re really nice Hyasul, but Y/N…I.. I don’t want to break up with Y/N.” He rubbed feebly at the bruise like marks along his jaw and neck,”Please don’t tell Y/N, Jiminie.”
Jimin had snorted, making a face,”I..I don’t have to.” Something about the way Jimin was looking at him and acting had Taehyung on edge. He had stepped forward and although, at the time, you couldn’t see his entire body, you could see the tips of his fingers curling around the door edge as he tried to push it open further.
“Jimin.” He repeated. Taehyung frowned when Jimin’s loose grip on the door tightened when he had tried to open it further. Maybe he was thinking what was it that Jimin didn’t want him to see? He had taken a step around Jimin and the door completely to look around them and saw you standing on the other side. “..Y/N?” He had gasped, hand slapping over the hickeys on his neck. You had nodded awkwardly, rocking on your heels.
“So..” You began softly, tiptoeing around him to peek at the girl in the closet. One of his hand has started to stop you, but he seemed to think better of it and let it fall uselessly at his side. Terrified, Taehyung could only watch the two parts of his life that he never wanted to overlap crash into each other. Hyasul, in a burst of confidence, had shifted his jacket on her shoulders, exposing the dark purple mark above her breasts. “This just happened.” She boasted. Taken aback and slightly offended, you had apathetically lifted the hem of your dress, showing off the just as dark mark on the upper portion of your inner thigh.
“This morning,” You had echoed.
Now, you were a bit ashamed of your boldness. You shouldn’t have felt the need to justify Taehyung’s affection towards you to another woman. That was his job. One that he had failed at. You turned your head to look up at his face, a few inches away from him. You could only seen his profile, but it didn’t really matter. Eyes following the curve of the bridge of his nose to the soft pucker of his lips you wondered what Hyasul looked like in his arms.
Did he stared down at her with an innocent expression like he did with you. Or was he a completely different person.
“What did she feel like in your arms?”
His whole body had tensed and his eyes cut to yours before freezing on your shoulder, too afraid to actually look you in the eyes. You could see his adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed thickly. Finally he settled his gaze on your nose, still too timid to actually meet your gaze. “You feel wonderful in my arms.” He murmured. Your head tilted to the side, lips downturning in a frown,
“I didn’t ask how I felt in your arms. I asked how Hyasul felt.” you clarified. Taehyung pulled you closer, kissing your cheek softly,
“I don’t want to talk about Hyasul, Jagi.”
You nodded in agreement,”I know.” You stated,”That’s why you think about her twice as much. I do too.” You could practically see his ears steaming as he tried to decide on what part of your phrase to respond too. Finally, he shifted his head away from you,
“You think about Hyasul?” He mumbled, trying to draw the conversation away from him. He shivered as you brushed his bangs away from his face.
“Everyday. I wonder what she’s up to now.” You were jostled into his lap and his lips pressed firmly against yours. That was the telltale sign that Taehyung no longer wanted to talk about this. His hand gently gripped your hair bun, trying to tilt your head back, but you pushed him back by his shoulder. “I know you wonder too. Have you spoken to her?”
Annoyance passed over his face as he pulled your hand off his shoulder and leaned towards your neck,”No.” He muttered. His lips dragged over your collarbone slowly.
You ran your fingers through his soft hair,“Did you do this to her?” you whispered,”Or did you skip foreplay entirely?”
“Y/N, shut up!” He snapped, sitting up completely. You tumbled back into the spot next to him as he stood up from the couch. “Can you shut up about Hyasul for one minute!?”
“No.” You retorted,”No I can’t!” Your intention wasn’t to start an argument. Or was it? You weren’t too sure; you were more angry at yourself for still thinking about Taehyung with Hyasul than you were with him. “Do you wanna know why? It’s because even though she knew she was fucking you while you were dating me she still was confident that you’d go to her! Someone doesn’t just make up that sort of confidence; they’re fed it!” You screamed,”So what exactly were you whispering to her that had her so damn full of herself!? Were you actually thinking of leaving me for her? Why didn’t you?”
“You’re…You’re sick.” He hissed lowly,”I’m with you, I haven’t talked to Hyasul since that day and instead of thinking how I ended things to be with you, you’re wondering what I was saying to Hyasul while we were together. I should have picked Hyasul, she wouldn’t have been dragging me through my mistakes day after day!”
“So now I’m the mistake!?”
“You’re starting to be!”
Without much thought, you had scrambled up, shoving your hand into Taehyung’s chest as you shoved him to the door. “Go to her! I hope she found another man, I hope she looks you in the eyes and asks,’Who are you?’!” You shouted, getting angrier by the second that he wasn’t moving as fast as you wanted,”I hope that other man shows off what she did to him and then I hope she chooses you over him and you can know exactly what I feel! You can’t just do something like cheat and expect everything to go back to the same way it was.” You felt his hands grip at yours and soft apologies tumble from his lips; and so you shoved harder,”You think you’d be able to look me in the eyes and truly smile if you found out I’ve been screwing Jimin in closets while you’re working!?”
That seemed to anger him. “Jimin is my friend, he wouldn’t do that to me.”
“And you’re my boyfriend, I thought you wouldn’t do that to me!” You argued,”I can’t even look at you anymore. All I see and Taehyung and Hyasul, not Taehyung and Y/N.” It seemed that once you had gotten him to the door, all your energy had depleted. “I don’t know why I’m still pretending that we’re okay. We’re not; I’m not happy anymore.”
He tried to pull you into a hug. His heart all but dropped when you maneuvered away from his reaching arms,“Jagi,” he pleased,” I’m trying to fix this.”
“You can’t.” you scoffed.
“You ruined it to begin with.”
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