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{WW} Green-haired anime girls!
Waifu Wednesday is back again! Today's theme is all about hair today, color of their hair that is! Here are my four Green-haired beauty's!
Kayano Kaede from the E-class of Assasination Classroom! She's smart, funny, cute, adorable, and lethal!! She has all the makings to become a perfect assasin and the perfect girlfriend!!
Mira Yutizaki from Dimension W! A super smart and damn beautiful robot who knows how to act and feel like a human! Yes she's a robot but if you just met her you could easily be fooled into thinking she's a human because of how much she seems like one!
From Code Geass the gorgeous immortal girl C.C! Her real name was never revealed in the show but that's okay! She's been around for quite a long time and in all that time she never knew the deliciousness of Pizza! Once she got a taste she turned into a pizza fiend! But still a gorgeous pizza fiend!
And I can't forget the Godspeed of the East, Cassie Lockheart from the anime Freezing! One of the stones Pandoras in the world she is a force to be reckoned with! Beware cause she can kill you with her fists in an instant and not just with her fists but her looks too! She is a damn gorgeous badass woman!!
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I'm just glad to see another freezing fan!
a year ago·Reply
Cool fights, beautiful girls..Oppai!! How can anyone not be a fan! @MikeCopersito
a year ago·Reply
Isnt her name spelled C.2 and pronounced cc or is that just a subbing error?
a year ago·Reply
@supbroscene Her name is C2... but people call her cc for some reason.
a year ago·Reply
I've always seen it spelt C.C. but pronounced C2. I thought of it as like saying C squared as in like 2 C's..idk that's just me lol
a year ago·Reply