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Hey hairstyles community. How is everyone doing? There's one more month before the end of my moderating term and I want to make a difference. I recently had a conversation with a vingler on a hair DIY I posted a couple weeks ago and the trick did not work for her hair type. I wish more people who would share their experience because it will give us more insight on what method works on what hair type/condition. It's been a lot of fun for me to share my knowledge but I would like to about some of your hair story and experiments. I think this will benefit the community here. I've been on other hair forums and read other reviews from Makeupalley but it's a different experience here.
So, if you have a favorite hair product, trick or styling method for any hair type (long, short, curly...etc), I encourage you to share with the community! Most people don't have the finance to try out different products, so it is extremely nice to hear from a few others before making the purchase.
Don't worry too much about if your card is goo enough! Who cares if it's only a picture and 1-2 sentence! :) I am horrible at writing and this is my space to practice. So, thank you for not judging me. The community will do the same for you.
I hope by the end of the month or the quarter as a moderator we can make this happen! Thanks again for everyone's kindness. Sorry for this lengthy card! :)
Not sure if you guy noticed but I have a collection on Vingler's Hairstyle. Just want to let you guys know there are lots of talented Vinglers here!
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I'll try to post some more ;)