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Mark is a main rapper and vocalist in Got7 Real name: Tuan Yi Eun Birthday: September 4, 1993 Height: 175 cm (5'8)
– His favorite food is anything with meat, especially hamburgers – His favorite musicians are Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga, Kanye West and ASAP Rocky – He loves hip-hop music – His dorming partner is Jackson – He is 100% Chinese (can speak Cantonese) and is fluent in English – He originates from Los Angeles, California USA – His father (AKA Papa Tuan AKA Raymond Tuan) has his own twitter account @linbea945 where he likes to troll on Mark’s fans and anti-fans alike – His ideal type is a woman who makes him want to always be with her and think of her – According to his sister, he is shy, quiet, and reserved at first, but when you get to know him he’ll start to open up more – He lived in Brazil and Paraguay for a couple of years – He used to be able to speak Portuguese, but has since then forgotten most of the language – He has a “baby face” according to others – He wishes to be like Kanye West, who performs “cool music” and has great fashion sense – He trained under JYPEnt. for about three and a half years – Back in 2011 while still being trained, he shot a CF for KT Olleh – His ideal solo concert would be about rap
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