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haven't done a song recommendation in awhile but decided to since this song is the reason I don't sleep at night hahaha seriously whether it's in my playlist or not it somehow creeps it's way in and wakes me up every...single...time it comes on ...I kid you not everytime . it wasn't even on my soundcloud playlist for the the reason that it wakes me up and since sound cloud auto plays music that's related to what you listen to ...fate brought this damn song back to me waking me up at 3am but hey I guess I can't complain especially since I've had this song on repeat since April lmao
second song aka my jam time infinity ....has been on repeat as well it is amazing ! and might I say....sik.k is pretty damn attractive hahaha and an infant let's be real lol
I don't know why but I cried watching locos video I'm still crying anyways sik-k song was really good too
uuuugggh HOLD ME TIGHT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVERRRR♡ I love Sik-K....check out https://youtu.be/uD9WdCy3w-c and https://youtu.be/BQWieS16PXY. I was obsessed with these when they dropped.