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Youngjae is a main vocalist in Got7 Real name: Choi Young Jae Birthday: September 17, 1996 Height: 175 cm (5'8)
– His ideal type is a woman who he is naturally attracted to – He trained for only eight months, and was the last member to join the group – His favorite food is anything and everything but cucumbers, because they make him want to throw up – His favorite musicians are Elliott Yamin and Javier – His astrological zodiac sign is a virgo, and his Chinese zodiac sign is the rat – He originates from Mokpo – Likes playing soccer – Is considered by the other members to have changed the most since the trainee days – Was claimed by 2PM’s Nickhun to have the best looking face in the group, therefore he is dubbed “Nich-in-bi”, or “Nichkhun’s Visual” – Out of all seven members, he is the one (besides JB) who sleeps in a lot, and is difficult to wake up in the morning – Is said to have the best eye smile in the group, although Jr. thinks otherwise
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96ers all the way!!! My baby YoungJae