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For a girl, Someone who truly thinks you're beautiful, respectable and funny; Someone who can read the mystery of your words and actions; Someone who takes away your fears and doubts; Someone who heals your silly pains and scars. For a boy, Someone who can hear your mind without telling; Someone who gives you respect and authority; Someone who really sees you as the best living person to love and build a life with; Someone who takes away your inhibitions and wearies; Someone who looks out for your childish actions and decisions. The heart wants what it wants, but give it a slack sometimes.
It's just about hoping; which is not bad, even if you're kind of unlovable or difficult you gotta hope for someone good for you.
Lol. This is kind of silly. Love in real life isn't like that.
True. albeit sometimes the hope factor makes you ...........wait, are you a dude? haha
so, @KNgala, would you like love to be like that?
That's why I wrote it.