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Yugyeom is a vocalist and the maknae in Got7 Real name: Kim Yu Gyeom Birthday: November 17, 1997 Height: 183 cm (6'0)
– His ideal type is a woman with a fresh, clean, charming smile and a whimsical and whacky personality – His favorite food is samgyeopsal (a Korean dish where you grill pork belly), bulgogi (a Korean dish where you grill marinated beef in an earthen bowl), kimbap (somewhat a Korean version of sushi), and chicken – His favorite musicians are G-Dragon and Chris Brown – Claims himself to be the pure and innocent one in the group – Although he is the maknae, many others confuse him to be one of the oldest because of his tall height and his mature personality – Shares a room with BamBam at the dorm – The other members claimed him to be the most sensitive one in the group – One artist he wants to collaborate with is 15&’s Yerin from the same company (they claim to be each others’ best friend) – Has a youthful baby face – He won 2nd place at the Adrenaline House Dance Battle back in 2011