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Today is reserved Just for my husband JB
JB why are you so handsome??? Seriously he slays anything he does!!!! ≧ω≦
So understanding when it comes to food!! He knows that food is no joking matter!

I seriously caught myself a man that can do it all ಥ_ಥ (╥﹏╥) ( つ﹏╰)

JB please take care of your self because you arreee my destiny, you are you’re my everything!!!! And I need you healthy by the time we meet one day!! Sending lots of love to you! Fighting JB! (˘.˘ʃƪ) #GetWellSoonJB @luna1171
OOOOH MY WRECKER is so HANDSOME 😍😍😍😚😘😚😘 I like that picture when someone e ask you for some of your food... they should have made it when some one ask JaeBum or some of his Chicken. lmaoooo
@luna1171 chicken is a secret ground that should not be messed with lol