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Okay I need to talk about this. If you are not entirely caught up to this latest episode, I suggest you ignore this or set it aside for later. You have been warned.
Is anyone else disappointed that they have officially revealed that Chuck is God? Because I am absolutely outraged. I really wanted this to stay a Schrodinger's cat fandom joke, but no, they had to go and make it canon. Enjoyable as he is (that singing , and I really wanna read that snarky book), it makes no sense; it's literally just a fandom joke that the writers decided to use, and now it's ruined. It's like they're simultaneously trying too hard and not trying at all.
This isn't the only fandom that's disappointed me like this lately, but it's by far the most colossal disappointment. I'm so annoyed by this reveal that I don't feel I can adequately express my feelings in words.
Okay, rant over. You may carry on (my wayward son) now.
what!!!!!!! @OtakuDemon10 the one episode that I miss out of my whole life!!! and this is the surprise that I get!!!! I think I just die 😕😢😖
wait what!!!! was it from last night episode???