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Is it me or... oh my gosh..... Oh. My. Gosh...........WHAAAAT?!?!!? It's funny cause Petra is diedomagosh omagosh omagosh omagosh think of it, same lastname, same hair, same color of eyes, same attitude, badass, strong, it all makes sense OR MAYBE he can be her uncle.....
You know something, I can already see Levi saying, "No, I am your father" and Mikasa all like "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" Then a titan comes and everyone dies We do not know if this is real.
@Mikazuki1 oh well enjoy good but confusing story
@MalcolmAllen I don't know I am not the one writing the story. I just said MAYBE😂😂
@YumiMiyazaki @MalcolmAllen I never said I was right it is a THEORY NO ONE KNOWS, yet. 😊
The part about a titan killing everyone at the end was right so...you're half right! Always look at the positives 😄
@MacielMorales I know right? But looking at the positive side Mikasa may has a badass father or uncle👍
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