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Let's talk About Woozi...

hey guys. i know it's late, but i think I just needed to talk about this after reading a certain post on Tumblr and I think it's fair to talk about a certain someone who deserves a significant amount of attention among our 13 boys
As you all know, us Carats are currently too excited!! SEVENTEEN just won 1st on Show Champion, which is like HUGE for K-Pop idols!! I think one member that deserves a lot of love right now is Woozi.
This kid really does so much for the group: he produces all their music, produces their MVs, and is basically a prodigy of what he does because he's so dedicated about music and his career. But, i think the one thing that sticks out to me the most is:
Nobody ever gave him any general direction to doing extra work. All he was expected to do was train, perform and be a successful idol, but Woozi takes it upon himself to go the extra mile, not just for the fans but for SEVENTEEN. He may be small and sometimes on the receiving end of a joke, but he takes care of the others even when he doesn't show it a lot.
So today, I think Woozi deserved to cry just as hard as the rest of them did. I could feel all that pressure, all that hard work finally pay off alongside him and SEVENTEEN. Seeing him cry showed all that weight just be lifted off his shoulders...
This kid is honestly one of my biggest inspirations. As an aspiring music producer myself, it really does make me happy to a kid so amazing show me how hard it really is, but also how rewarding the payoff can be. Seeing him work and so what he does really does challenge me to do my best.
So to Woozi: Thank you so much for all that you do!! No one asked you for it, but we're more than thankful that you did it anyway. I hope you become just as successful a producer as you are an idol and know that every tear you shed today was worth it and you deserve to cry forever for what you do. I love you so much and keep growing stronger!! WOOZI,HWAITING~
It made me cry seeing my bias cry. He's worked so hard, they all have. I'm so proud and happy to be a Carats
I really love him 💕
Yes I 100% agree! Woozi needs more credit. He's a leader. Youre an aspiring music producer? let's collab sometime.
Seeing him cry broke me in 2 like I feel so proud and happy I just wanted to hug him so tight like ugghh
When I saw Woozi cry, my inner Mexican mom came right out! I just wanted to comfort him, and let him let it all out. 😢😢😢
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