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So tomorrow I take my algebra 1 staar test... I'm so scared! This whole week my teacher has been giving us worksheets to practice for the test and I failed all of them with like 30 while others got like 70 or even 80 ugh I don't know what I'm going to do, I'm studying but I'm afraid I will forget everything. And I really need to pass this test. I applied for an early college high school and I got accepted but... if I fail this test what's the point of attending such school =( Well I really don't know anymore but I just hope (j-hope) to pass even with a 70, I might not get commended as she expects from her class but at least getting a 70 won't make me feel depressed haha. And if I do fail I think I have to go to summer school, I really don't want to. But hey it's what has to happen. Well right now I'm just hoping the test won't be as hard as I think and that I can pass it.

Anyone else in the same situation?

I came to vingle to share such depressing news, so not kpop related! so let me share something really cute, hope to cheer you guys up if you're in the same situation!
I found this new app to help me learn the Korean hangeul, its super cute I really like the way they designed it and it's really helpful as well. But when I realized they had how to spell band names I freaked out! I took like 30 screenshots, these are just a few. The app is called: pop popping Korean :pronunciation

FREAKING T.O.P THOUGH! I will forever love these pictures!

And the "I'm so shy" caption when he posted a picture of him with a short sleeve shirt!

Speaking of T.O.P guys... I FINALLY got to watch his movie Tazza 2 I loved this scene so much <3 Honestly, I can say I absolutely loved it. And his acting skills and incredibly amazing. Seriously can't believe it took me ages to find such amazing man who acts so good. And I really also loved the other characters, they were hilarious yet very ambitious. Haha


well I hope these pictures made this card a little less depressing For anyone else who's also testing tomorrow whether its for algebra or any other test, FIGHTING! Its almost over guyssss we can make it out alive of this torture! haha but seriously, I hope you all do well and can end this school year in a great way! Saranghae!
@AbbyRamey @KarolinaTrevino wow thank you so much! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I will try my best!
Good luck on your exam! Fighting!
Good luck on your test!