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Since the Newtown shootings, the NRA has put forward a plan to arm teachers and administrators in our schools. Very few schools in the country currently permit staff to carry weapons. Still, more states are legalizing the practice. For schools that choose to train staff, the costs can reach $50,000, plus a large increase in insurance premiums.
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I'd thwy decide having morw guns in the schools to stop "gun violence" that is the day I completely give up on America.
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@blackmage thanks man
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@liberated I agree with the metal detectors but is that practical for schools in low crime/suburban areas? Or do you mean only for visitors/adults?
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@liberated I agree with your second comment
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this is what needs to happen bottom line. Metal detectors I mean c'mon your preventing it before it happens. and if someone in the school mustttt have a gun a highly extensive trained PROFESSIONAL to handle the gun. not a regular day citizen such as a teacher.
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