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So sorry for not posting this when I said I would ,but I didnt get time to finish it and I kept second guessing myself and my writing but Ive decided to post for you guys. I hope you enjoy.
Mark stood in the mirror giving himself one last look over. Tonight is his date night with Jackson. It had been ages since they had been on an actual date , their busy schedules had kept them from doing so. Sure Jackson and he still got to spend time together and Jackson still bought him flowers and other gifts whenever he got the chance but it wasnt the same. He missed just missed having one on one time with the younger. "It's okay, tonight will be fun" he mumbles to himself as he heads out of his room to the living room. He looks down at his phone to see a meassge from Jackson: Meet me downstairs baby <3 . Mark can't help but smile as he sees the heart emjio at the end of the text and he quickly heads downstairs. Once downatairs he sees Jackson leaning up the wall near the building exit and he quickly walks up to him. Jackon smiles at his boyfriend and immediately pulls him closer to place a kiss on his lips. When they pull a part Mark looks down a blushing . "You know after all this time it is nice to know that I can still make you blush like that" Jackson says as he grabs Mark's hand. The statement only makes Mark blush more and mumbles for him to shut up but he lightly squeezes Jackson's hand. As they walk down the sidewalk hand and hand Mark smiles , tonight was definitely going to be perfect.
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aaaaw OMG this is so cute. .it could be real you kmow.. hahaha
@MelissaGarza thank you and of course
I love it. please add me to your tag list 😊
Your welcome
@mbg3t thanks @PrettieeEmm 💚💚 thanks
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