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This video came up in my recommended section of honestly I'm not crazy for sexy BTS videos (I need to seek help for my Kpop addiction) Before I even watched I knew who the tongue master was. Do you know who won without watching it?
CR: BTS Jams
Whoa guys keep that shit in we don't want that😖 I was honestly expecting Tae more than Jimin but mostly the 95 line but goddamn Jimminie I wasn't ready😱
I mean it's the main reason I watch that video over and over. They can't keep their tongues in their mouths. Though I think Tae should get a +5 for that first one. Just sinful...
😂 boys in kpop groups are always sticking out their tongues slightly like cats who don't even realize their tongues are out. They must use a ton of chapstick or have the most chapped lips ever.
ok I had to watch.....Jimin please I'm begging you to please stay in your lane
Lol they missed two in the count, I saw suga do it once and they missed one of v's..... Dang you Jimin and your tounge
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