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I'm so BTS trash it's not funny
This video came up in my recommended section of honestly I'm not crazy for sexy BTS videos (I need to seek help for my Kpop addiction) Before I even watched I knew who the tongue master was. Do you know who won without watching it?
CR: BTS Jams
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@VIPFreak2NE1 I know right my first thought was Tae and then Jimin just wouldn't stop
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I mean it's the main reason I watch that video over and over. They can't keep their tongues in their mouths. Though I think Tae should get a +5 for that first one. Just sinful...
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@SunnaWalo I totally agree with you on that one
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Lol they missed two in the count, I saw suga do it once and they missed one of v's..... Dang you Jimin and your tounge
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@3SecondsOfHope yeah Suga def had one
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