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This handsome young man is some one that I admire. Reason is that he is on tough young man when it comes to negative comment about him and Bangtan. When I was introduced to Bangtan Namjoon was the one that catch my eye with his voice drawing my in. I have him to thank for letting my love of their music he along with the other members created.
Namjoon when I first saw him I was shocked to know that the tough image that I see when he performs to when he is off stage was cute and funny. After seeing his cute side I can't help but just see that when he is on stage. Plus he isn't the only member that makes my day with how cute they are when they try and make everyone's day. Plus his is one handsome pocket monster.
Even though I see his cute side more then anything but what I also see is that how he is really deep when he explains things. Meaning when he is trying to describe on what the song is about he really explains. Also I love on how he can speak English so well it makes me so proud that he self taught himself. Don't worry Namjoon, noona here is like that at times to. However there are times that I will never understand his logic of thinking. Like that one time when Jin woke up because he need to use the bathroom. He ran into Namjoon who was telling him how the moon can read your soul. We love your brain and you weirdness.
Now we all know how Namjoon is really accident prone. He just touches something and it either breaks or it hurts him. I know that I am accident prone and hurt myself from time to time, but Namjoon I think is worse then me.
His dancing skills......Lets just say he has improved and that he also doesn't care that he is embarrassed at all when he dances. I think my favorite dance that he does and is not embarrassed at all was on Weekly Idol. I think Yoongi and Jungkook were embarrassed for him. Though he did give us a good laugh to. However he has improved just like Jin oppa. Though I have a feeling that both Namjoon and Jin had a hard time with the choro for FIRE.
Also, just like the other two, Yoongi and Hobi. Namjoon's rapping is was really drew me in along with his deep voice. All three of these boys are equal with how good they are. My favorite song is "Do You" when I'm walking or upset. I try my best at rapping but I'm more of a vocal and not even try rapping.
The main thing that I love about Namjoon is how great of a leader he is. With the concert dvds that I have, I always see him encouraging the members along with telling them to do their best. Along with that he even tells them if they mess up the would work harder the next time. He is suck a great leader and he is one of my favorite among other leaders for other groups. Namjoon my wish this year for you is to be careful and not hurt yourself anymore his year. You'll make me along with the ARMYs worry.
I love this post almost as much as I love him!
@GriseldaZenger yea I know all 7 have their own lane. but Jimin doesn't want his own.
My #2 Bias...actually he has his own lane the little bugger. He couldn't budge my UB so he demanded a second lane.... aish these boys.