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So I know the title is a little over dramatic but I do really need help! I really really really need good recommendations for good BTS Mafia AU fanfics! It doesn't matter the pairing as long as it is BTS Member X Reader! Preferably something like Liar Liar which I have already read. But any will do! So please if you read this and you know if one please please please comment the name!!!!
I also have a watt pad so if you know of one on there then please by all means tell me the name! @Hawaii5Oh @SarahVanDorn @KpopGaby @aliendestina @slayyoongi @kpopandkimchi @CLAKPOP @JarviaKlipka
if you have Tumblr look for suga of daegu she has a really good bts mafia story call I want the head line
you can look around in my fan fics collection
@reyestiny93 I agree I was just about to recommend that too! πŸ˜†