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Wat a cute little weirdo 😊😊
Our living room and house would be nice and simple. It would be Close to his work so he can get home and his hyungs can come over if there tired and just crash any where they want.
Our room would be nice and simple as well. He knows i like things to be simple and not to decorative.
We would have our beautiful mixed children. With jimin as my husband i don't care how many we have the more the merrier. I love kids soooo. And plus its jimin😏😏
He would text cute messages all day while he is working just to make me feel better.
He would leave cute messages around the house because he knows when I see them I will smile and think only of him.
He would send like a million selfies of himself too me so I wont think of anyone else. And plus he knows he takes the best selfies and he wants to share them with the one he loves. Of course i would send him a million selfies too. Jimin stop it😳😳
He loves his children so he would show them off to the world even tho some fans would be mad<----tru story
He Would Be The Perfect Husband..... Killing me with billions of kisses😘😘😘😘 What would life with ur UB be like? If you make a card tag me!!
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awwww I love it!