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This artist influenced and inspired me the most, the beautiful patterns and colours just awake worlds of creativity within me. I love everything about these pictures, the composition, the idea, the dynamic... I hope you guys fall in love with her pictures as much as I did and keep on drawing :D
Ohhh, Kidchan. I love, love, love her work. She has such an impressive portfolio.
@Saravy if you have time to spare, why don't you check out my own art *^-^* I would appreciate feedback so much :)
Bwahahahaha!! I thought it looked different from the others. Oh well. They're all still really great!^^
@StephiiKins yeah I love her too! Her work is just outstanding <3 @Saravy that one is actually not hers, I made a mistake when I uploaded it haha xD sorry
I love the colors and the detail. I like them all, but the first is my fave.^^
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