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like we all know the struggle of kpop stars and for those who don't know prince Mak is on hiatus for reasons I didn't know about about... let's just say here's a glimpse of the life of a non korean member suddenly brought into what is normal korean standard for a idols.
I agree. @blackirishawk I was scared
@axosrain well that's awesome... I'm glad he isn't... wouldn't be the same
@blackirishawk it says he left for reasons unkown.....I checked his instagram and a girl I talked to says he isn't leaving.
@axosrain me either but this video isn't about those rumors... it's about what he had to go through to get where he's at that's all I'm spreading lol don't know if he left but video reveals how he felt and that's all I want to let everyone know about
@blackirishawk they better have a statement if it's true so we can cry or ignore the rumors. I don't like maybe's
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