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Just like any other year, you might have written down what you want to achieve in terms of career, life etc. Almost 4 months into the year, if you are stuck with everyday deadlines, responsibilities, and forgot to take that vacation you had planned, it is time to start planning one. There are so many places around the world which may your budget and your interests. And, when you keep your hearts, mind, and eyes open you can find adventure in everything.
If you are looking for inspiration to travel, here are a few Scandinavian countries you could consider.
1. Norway: A blend of natural and cultural wonders, Norway tours are perfect for someone who is looking for varied experiences. Explore the countryside on the scenic railroads or drive down the Atlantic Ocean road which connects for many tiny islands. Some portions of Norway come under Arctic Circle, allowing you to witness the miraculous Northern lights and midnight sun as well. The troll's tongue (cliff Trolltunga) is another steadily gaining scenic place with great rock formations offering a thrilling experience. You can also go on a glacier boat trip which is from Balestrand and goes to Fjærland where you can stand at the foot of the glacier.
2. Finland: Catch the nature’s light show, the northern lights in Finland, from the glass igloos. Or, you can star gaze despite the chilly weather. But, that’s not all! From snowboarding, skiing, to snow carting there are a host of activities you can engage in. You can also catch the midnight sun in Lapland. If that’s not exciting, there are reindeer and husky rides which will make you feel like it’s Christmas.
3. Latvia: Nestled between Estonia and Lithuania, this place is right on the Baltic Sea coast.You can explore the streets of the old town which has the medieval effects. You can even walk into the Black Magic Bar, which has been offering a liqueur made out of 24 herbs for the past 250 years. Nothing has changed over the years, neither the warmth of the people nor the warmth this place offers. It is a great place for a romantic getaway which offers a truly quiet experience. You can enjoy a day at the spa or candle light dinner with a great view.
4. Iceland: It is the most brilliant land of northern lights, sheep, volcanoes, and small towns with difficultnames.You can see the Gullfoss; a majestic waterfall, the breathtaking blue lagoon, and or even the geyser area where there are hot springs. There is also the National Park of Thingvellir, which has been around for centuries and looks like a natural masterpiece with lots of rifts and lakes. It is also the place where America and Europe meet.
5. Russia: Imagine cruising through Russia, with stops where you can see the historic sites! You can simply relax while everything right from the transport to food is taken care of. Explore the famous museums,landmarks, canal cruise, and even a cultural performance.
It’s time to pack your bags and plan your days.