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News came out that the NFL is currently considering if academic ineligible players should be banned from attending the combine, where college players go to show off their physical and interview skills for NFL teams. The NFL seems to be making a statement if this does become true. They want the NFL to be filled with role models, and players who do not achieve in the classroom should be penalized. On the other hand these men are athletes, not scholars, and it may be unfair to those who understandably are focusing more on what is going to bring them success in the future. What do you guys think? Is this right or wrong?
@happyrock maybe they should be able to take a modified schedule, maybe getting an AS degree instead of a BA/BS and take fewer but more practical classes?
not a bad way to get some positive PR, but really they should have to take classes on managing money and smart financial investments--too many guys from the pros blowing through all their money
@JohnLee That's what I'm hoping. The NFL could use some good PR right now. >_<
@curtisb @Saravy yeah this is a tricky topic. Without the scouting combine though they will get owned. Maybe this may have a good effect as a whole?
I don't know, I kinda like this. I see where @curtisb is coming from, but I don't think passing your classes is all that difficult. They're not asking for A's just a C or D. They all can't play pro and even those who get picked will only get to play for what 10 years? And not all the pro's make millions of dollars. It's only certain positions and status that make the big bucks. That's my opinion.^^
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