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I know I still owe you all pics of my prom but I had the honor of helping one of my close friends get ready for prom . I helped her choose dress, fixed hair, & instructed Mac on makeup look for her. So I definitely am proud of final product.
We were honored to have a great mac makeup artist who knew exactly what we were going for. My friend was scared it would be dramatic or they wouldn't match her skin right but it looked amazing after all!
finished makeup!
& my final product. I couldn't breathe looking at her. She just looked absolutely breathtaking. what do you all think ? @jordanhamilton @hikaymm @marshalledgar @tessStevens @AlloBaber
she looks gorgeous!!! love her makeup and the dress is stunning.
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You look gorgeous!!! Love the dress!!!
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OMG She's gorgeous and l LOVE the dress!!!
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Her end look is sooooo stunning!
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