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Former President George W. Bush, who was unable to reform our immigration system during his tenure in the White House, urges Congress to pass the new legislation. "The rea­son to pass im­mi­gra­tion re­form is not to bol­ster a Re­pub­li­can Par­ty, It’s to fix a sys­tem that’s bro­ken. Good pol­i­cy yields good poli­tics.” While he refused to comment on President Obama's domestic policies, he did defend Mr. Obama's (and his) controversial counterterrorism efforts. I'm paraphrasing here, but he used the traditional argument that the 'world looks different from the Oval Office' to justify actions that may or may not make us safer.
I've always wondered what Obama learned when he took on the Presidency that made him change his mind on certain policies.
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Wow, thanks for sharing!
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@saravy I'm sure he became much more of a cynic! I bet he also learned that his power was more restricted than he was expecting, don't you think?
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