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Patch 5.4 just went live on the Public Test Realm. This is a major patch, including a new raid, a new zone, some class tuning changes, and bug fixes. I'm mostly looking forward to the new zone because I'm not a big fan of raiding. I think the lore is about to get more interesting as Garrosh Hellscream is becoming lost in his search for power. What do you guys expect to see in the next patch and what are you most excited for? You can see the official blog here:
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Siege of Orgrimmar will be awesome
4 years ago·Reply
I'm as giddy as a school girl about this patfh. Seriously, tee hee.
4 years ago·Reply
Yea I really need to catch back up on lore. But I'm really curious who is gonna replace Garrosh.
4 years ago·Reply
My gold piece is on Vol'jin.
4 years ago·Reply
Vol'jin seems like a real badass. lol
4 years ago·Reply