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Guys I thought it was over for now oh my god. I don't think I'll be physically, emotionally, mentally, financially prepared for anything else these kids bring to the table.
Now, we learned a few things here, didn't we? 1. Wonwoo can sing 2. Jun can sing 3. They can all sing 4. THIS TIME THEY ARE NOT ACCIDENTALLY SEXY, THIS TIME IT IS COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL. 5. I think I'm in love. 6. Vernon likes to wear weird pants. Well that's that, did you enjoy the cover as much as my tears did?
Seventeen, the next Super Junior!
I WASN'T READY *cries*
@EwSeungkwan Oh god I'm so ready to cry right now, let's do this.
@CosmicCassidy Oh my gosh yes do it! The only versions are a fan cam and it's kind of eh quality but his voice is BEAUTIFUL. He sings a song about his mother and I cried like a baby. He started crying about 2 minutes in and qjhshdhd
@EwSeungkwan No, ughhh, now I feel like the worst carat ever. I mean, I knew he could sing, since he has parts in other songs, but hearing it like... continous... wow, I'll have to check out that solo.
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