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I was a way too excitable kid that became a closet teen and now a relapsed fan that still insists Pokemon Gold/Silver were the best of the days.
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Oh god... Pokemon.. Did you know that the save data either ran out last year or will run out this year? If you have any saved up data, you should replay it now before it is deleted xD
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@lyricalmotion hahahah Pokemon game changed so much, I have a hard time getting used to all the new features. There's apparently going to be a new pokemon type called "fairy" that will deal extra damage to dragon types now.... ;;;;
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@piupiupenguin hahah that sucks... but I havent played the game in years so I should be safe! (Aka, I forgot where i placed my gameboy T.T )
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@nshen1 but it doesnt end there. There is now gonna be Pokemon X and Y.
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