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Simple picture guide in how to tie a - Four-in-Hand - Half-Windsor - Windsor - Shell Knot
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@JohnLee They can be used for all occasions! It's what suits your current collar and the thickness/material of the tie you should be worried about. Usually, the half-windsor is a good knot for pretty much all your ties.
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@curtisb The full windsor is one of the most formal knots but is a very wide knot. Not suitable for every kind of shirt and tie. Skinnier ties work well with the full windsor by balancing out the wideness.
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if you want to look quirky, try tieing it the slant way.
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@oj1992 Great advice! For a more casual look a skinny tie with a tighter knot and the tie lower down the collar is great. But you have to keep the balance between casual and sloppy as always.
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Thanks for the advice!
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