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How adorable they are!... I love how Miranda and Orlando look at each other XD and Baby Flynn looking so cute.. Can this family be more perfect?
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@shoenami @ameliasantos10 @lovemilkis well, having miranda Kerr as your mom is already enough, but they put orlando bloom too! That's beyond! :)
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It's actually insane. Imagine being Flynn. I would go to school, and my mom would pick me up and all the kids would be like "Your mom is Miranda Kerr!!" and I'd be like "Yea she is. :)"
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@ameliasantos10 @lovemilkis @blairwitme lol yes! and everyone would bug you to have a snack in your house and sleep overs! lol
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@shoenami @ameliasantos10 @lovemilkis not that Flynn isn't popular enough already, but I'm sure everybody would want to be his friend lol
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omg flynn already looks so handsome and adorable, can't wait to see him grow up <3
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