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Jesus, Yonghwa is so handsome! I'm going to die xD ♡♡♡

Hello Everyone! Taemi here :3 Okay so fan signings is another way to meet your bias up close and it is great! Then there is the staff members who have to keep the fansigning going smooth. They usher the fan away so the next fan can get their turn. But isn't it unusual for a idol to stop the staff from rushing a fan from away from them?! :O If that happens, you are a lucky soul! That only mean there's something special about you c: ♡ Hey! they say there is only 1% of oppa actually noticing you! xD
You can watch it here! :D omg how cute!!! and Yonghwa is so sweet and handsome! *dies*** ♡♡♡♡


(Creds to Koreaboo) *Kpopint does not own the photo, video or gif. Creds to the rightful owners c:

Isn't that amazing? What are your thoughts? c:

Reporter @parktaemi

nice! he gave the staff a look like can't you see I'm have a heart to heart with my fan...back down!
Omg he is so amazing. I first fell for his charm when I watched You're Beautiful. I pulled for him the whole way.
awwww he's so sweet and he was really interested in what she was saying to
@JarviaKlipka awwwwww!!!
Love it!!
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