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I love minimalism, and this photographer moved my heart with these series. I'm sharing these most peaceful, lovely photographs of Iceland by Sydney based photographer Anna Pogossova. She added block of color that goes well with the whole image. These colors makes the image more beautiful. Iceland as we know happens to be one of the most geologically beautiful places on Earth. It is the perfect place for artists to get inspired. Anna Pogossova says, “what impacted my work the most, was the way in which the landscape, and its tones, and all other elements – natural and man made – just fit so beautifully together; the weather, the light, the rooftops, and even the road markings.” She brilliantly captured the muted colors, horizons etc in this beautiful series. Very lovely piece to look at.
@Tapsamai it's so peaceful!
I love the white and grey tone of the color, make you feel at peace !