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you always seem to amaze me at the mention of BTS i always have something to say you guys are talented handsome cute bubbly guys i have seen i may like other groups but BTS is on top of the list, if you guys cry i cry you laugh i laugh i try to follow and support you guys as much as possible as an A.R.M.Y i try to protect you because you guys mean so much to me i know that this is a day late but you guys inspire me and make me who i am today happy anniversary to BTS i love you guys and always will you guys are amazing!!!~ i love you BTS oppas~!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🎉🎉
your smiles always brighten up my day no matter how bad it is ill always say " if BTS can do it so can i, they work hard so can i, for BTS!~" and ill always repeat that day after fay and keep that promise BTS hwaitting we A.R.M.Y will aways support you~! you guys are the light to my day thank you so much for existing i love you dont let others tell you your not good all of BTS oppas are amazing the way they are~!!!
bounus haha ok this picture tho haha my bubbly cute handsome hubby taehyung haha and the handsome good looking rap monnie appa haha so manly haha this picture made my day so much brighter haha they are just so cute haha comment below and wish BTS their 1st anniversary~!!
@taetaebaozi oh whew ok I was worried there❣ lol
@EmmaJolie yea i did it early by accident i thought it was this month thats why haha
@ravenblackwell haha i agree with you on that haha
@taetaebaozi leader mon/ pink mon/ Namjoon/ rap monster. He is perfectly unperfect.
@ravenblackwell my baby taehyung!! yours??
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