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New to the Fanfiction? Here is the INTRO Missed the part before? HERE (Part 1) What about Jungkook's story? HERE (Part 1) *REMINDER THERE IS A POLL FOR WHAT PART WILL BE PUBLISHED NEXT* < The Poll ends 5/11/16> POLL HERE
*Recap* Suddenly I lost my balance as I was dancing and heard a loud popping sound when I fell. I then screamed in pain... My vision began to get blurry as I lay on the floor crying. "(Y/N)? (Y/N)!?" a voice called as my eyes slowly drifted shut. (Mystery person) POV: 'How could she be so careless? Dancing on her hurt ankle like that? I can't believe that just happened! Why?! Why?! Of all people?! Why her?! Why Me?!' I sighed knowing that she could have very well have killed her career or her dreams. I saw her stir in her sleep. 'I'm glad she's alive and sort-of well. If she didn't hit her head, she would be awake, but be in pain because of her ankle. I wish I can see her eyes open. I mean she's the love of my life for Christ's sake. Even if she doesn't know it. She has Jin, so if she’s happy, I’m happy to watch her from the side lines. I should just leave before anyone shows up. I don't want to be caught up in this mess or it will just get worse with my presence.' *The next part is about a half a day later* (Y/N)'s POV: When I woke up in the hospital, all I saw was my manager in the chair across from me and she looked visibly upset and staring at the ground by her feet. I winced as I tried to move my ankle and she looked over at me. I could see the sorrow in her eye. She not only was my manager she was my best friend of ten years. I could tell she was upset and sad at the same time from a mile away, but this time she had her anger directed towards me. "(Y/N) ..." Angel said standing up and walking over to the right side of the bed. She flicked me in the forehead me. "YAAAAHH!!! What were you thinking?" she scolded. "Not only did you fracture your ankle, but you hit you head as well," I sighed knowing it's my fault, I didn't want anyone to worry about me, but it was unavoidable." The boys came by earlier. Of course they had to leave because they had an emergency meeting to go to. Jin was upset that he couldn't see you wake up," she continued. "You're getting discharged tomorrow and then we have a press conference about this." Even though she is my best friend she never fails to be my manager as well. "I'm Sorry. I didn't want any of this to happen," I assured her. "Of course you didn't (Y/N), but it happened. There's no turning back now." I knew this as well. Everything will be even more chaotic once I get better. Angel started to tell me that everything was going to be pushed back, even the debut. The only thing I was happy about was that GYF had already put out our first music video because we won't get forgotten while I heal... The press conference was held on schedule. The makeup artist did my makeup and the designer picked out my clothes like another event. All of the members were there. I sat in a wheel chair with my head down. The doctor orders were to stay in this chair so that I could have a speedy recovery. 'I hate this!' I thought to myself. The press conference finally ended and we all went to the dorm. I was lucky enough that we had an elevator in our dorm. The girls left me in the chair in the living room. I felt trapped here, I wanted to see Jin. Right, now he was the only one I could think about. Jin's POV: 'I haven’t been able to focus because of her. I haven't slept in about three days. BTS has been covering for GYF for the past couple of weeks and I haven't gotten to see her. I can feel it really taking a toll on me and her group. I feel like I’m nothing without her. (Y/N) is the only one who would notice when I'm down and she is the only one who can cheer me up. (Y/N) was always the happy, outgoing one in her group and that's how she landed being the leader. Now the very few time I see her, she's the quiet one in the corner of the room. lost in thought and always filled with grief. I want to help her, but she hasn't talked to me in days. Not only has she stopped communication with me, but also with the rest of BTS and GYF. The only person she talks to is Angel her Bestfriend/ Manager. I wish she would talk to me. I was stupid to let her leave the dorm that night. She wouldn't have broken her ankle or be like this if I wasn't acting jealous. This is all my fault...' (Y/N)'s POV: Finally, a few weeks have passed so it was time for my first x-ray since I broke my ankle. Jin couldn't come with me to my appointment because of some scheduling issues, so I brought the next best thing, Angel. "(Y/N), do you think you're healed?" Angel asked, pushing me in the wheel chair. "I hope so," I replied with a hint of doubt in my voice. We walked into the doctors office ready to examine my ankle to see if I can dance again.
Does your ankle heal? Is Jin okay? Who is the Mystery Guy that in love with you? Keep reading to find out... P.s. Sorry that it's a little shorter than it has been Want to be tagged in? Let me know in the comments (If you only want to get tagged in for specific character or be untagged let me know in the comments as well) Tag list: @jeoneljay @janellym123 @dchapple45 @SindyHernandez @FalseLove @Kpopfangirl15 @tiffany1922 @HeichousRegalia @LizbethOrtega @KatiePrihodiko @Orihemay @GreciaFlores @Imoee @Cassierchiqua @NadineEsquivel @Christinequach @Michelle305 @Saeda1320 Thanks for Reading I hoped you enjoyed ~Luna (Credits to the Gif owners)
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