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I'm sure anyone who has spent some time in Southeast Asia is familiar with the endless streams of tour groups from China. I remember at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, my friends and I commented on the "tuk-tuk army." A tuk-tuk is a motorcycle with a carriage attached, and Chinese tour groups would travel in packs of 30, all with flags attached (for identification). In Burma, the climb to the Goldren Rock Pagoda takes a bit over an hour, but you can pay four Burmese guys to carry you up on a throne (seriously). While I was walking, I kept passing an endless train of tour groups (all from China) being carried up. Its easy to get frustrated at them-sometimes loud, sometimes pushy, and always present. Still, this article brings up some great points about the burgeoning Chinese travel industry and how its changing. For now, however, 80% of first time Chinese travelers go in large, organized groups. One consistent focus is on the tour guide's recommendation that everyone only eat Chinese food. Finally, after a week in Europe without trying any local food, the author heads to a McDonalds before his flight back!
I think you're right, they all took so many pictures! It was overwhelming
@curtisb I did experience those Chinese tour a lot during my travel in Europe. One time I was in Brugge, Belgium. The whole square were full of Chinese. My belgium friend asked me, why there were a lot of Chinese travel in big group nowadays? I told her "maybe because of the economic is getting better in China, the rising of Middle Income people, and Chinese, as well as Asia would like to show their status by traveling abroad to Western destinations :). As far as i know, would only rich people in China would afford for a trip in Europe :). They do not travel their to experience the culture, but to show their status. So I am not surprised that they only eat Chinese food hehehe
@tapsamai check this out