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Sometimes we care too much.

Believe me, there's such thing. Caring too much can drive you slowly insane. Trust me, I've been there before and it's not a good feeling. Someone caring because they genuinely care is totally different from someone caring just enough, if not at all.
Don't get wrapped up in the idea of doing what's right because even though your heart might be telling you to continue to care, later on down the road your heart will reap the benefits.
Save yourself the heartache in the long run. If they don't take you serious enough to care just as much, there's only one thing you can do in the end. Doing this one thing will not only benefit you , but it will teach you a lesson that will help you remember why you're worth so much more.
You deserve the best. Don't settle. Keep scrolling to see the one thing you should do when you're stuck caring more than they are.

Easier said than done.

I know, but you'll thank yourself later on.
I say..make them feel your pain... buy them a Barney suit then see who isn't supposed to be taken seriously... or just leave them
Try to care less and it will be pain less.
Yeah, that pretty much sums up what to do in that situation. Sooner or later you realize that you can't change anyone, and it's better to understand that sooner.
@buddyesd im glad you agree :)
I agree
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