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What Veggies Look Like When You're Puerto Rican...
To be honest, growing up we hardly saw good, green vegetables. You know -- things like broccoli and spinach. But we did have other plant foods that were not exactly sitting high on the healthy level.

The "veggies" we eat:






In conclusion, most of the 'vegetables' are starchy as hell. Hahaaa. Just give us out pork and plantains!!!! What sort of vegetables do you and your family eat?
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If it grows, we eat it. Except tofu, or anything soy.
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@alywoah hey you!!
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My family eats a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes and beans too. And lentils! But I don't think lentils technically count as a vegetable lol.
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@danidee a lot of these dont hahaa. My point is that Puerto Ricans eat a lot of "veggies" that are classified as something else lol
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Why do vegetables have to be so complicated?!
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