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Single Women And The Story Behind Being Called Leftovers

Be prepared to possibly shed a tear.

In my household, leftovers were always a good thing. I felt like food the second day was better than the first. In China, 'sheng nu' better known as leftovers are deemed as a negative. In this case, leftovers are women over twenty-five who have yet to be married. While every culture is different, when it comes to America -- it's rare these days to find a twenty-five year old couple in a serious marriage, yet alone a serious relationship.
In this short video, SK-II takes you into the daily life of young women who happen to live their daily lives being seen as leftovers by not only outsiders, but friends and family. It's hurtful and it definitely hit's him. If your parents or family members ever questioned why you're still single or when you're going to have kids, you can slightly relate -- but nothing can relate to being called a 'leftover'. Keep scrolling to check out an empowering video below.

How would you feel if you were called a leftover?

What's the rush on commitment anyway?
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@jordanhamilton to some yes but from what I know from experience your supposed to finish school and start looking to settle down or have someone already while you were at school. also if your the only one and your parents is old they want to see grandchildren.
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton I hate that it exists in our society but I just do my own thing and deal with the rest
2 years ago·Reply
I feel like that's the American fantasy. that's what we see on the television screen and although it actually does exist, it's odd to think so. @VixilCastillo
2 years ago·Reply
likewise! I just take it day by day. @MyAffairWith I'm in no rush.
2 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton :) yup day by day
2 years ago·Reply