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According to source, AllKpop, 6 of BTS songs from the 'Young Forever' Album are unfit for broadcast. The 6 songs being "Whalien 52," "Converse High," "Dope," "Ma City," "Hold Me Tight," and "Intro: HwaYangYeonHwa."
It's said the reason these song will not be broadcast is because "Whalien 52," "Dope," and "Hold Me Tight" had vulgarities and curses in the lyrics while "Converse High" and "Ma City" mentioned brands in the lyrics. "Intro: HwaYangYeonHwa" had curses and included the line "scared retard," which KBS deemed inappropriate out of concern for offending disabled people.
It really sucks as every song in the album is great and worth leaving on repeat but I don't think this will hurt them at all especially after dropping 'Fire'.
I can't wait to see them perform this live!!
What do you guys think!?
wow. and in america rappers can throw racial slurs around all day long in their rap songs and no one even beats an eyelash. it sucks for BTS. but one of the things that initially attracted me to K-pop is how very clean it is compared to the trash we get to listen to in America. please don't get me wrong, obviously America also has a lot of talented. but so many Hip Hop and rap songs are so disgustingly filthy here I wish they could get banned tool
Ugh to hell with people. They praise American artists like Drake and Jason Derulo. They clearly use more vulgar language and have more sexual themes, than BTS and most kpop artists. People need to get their priorities straight.
But Jay park can grind on stage and talk about sex ok I c u broadcast .... fight me!!! (銋巂銋呫厧) AFTER SCHOOL because I have a CLUB (銋巂銋涖厧)
....they still slay
@luvexobts our boys are just to hot to touch
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